Principals Welcome

Swan View Primary school is situated approximately 25 km from Perth and 4 km from the heart of Midland.  Swan View Primary is a Level 5 school with an enrolment of 418 students from Kindergarten to Year 7.  Of this enrolment, 72 are Indigenous students. While most of the students come from the local Swan View area, many students come from outside of the local intake area.  Many families are drawn to the school because of the reputation for strong pastoral care, sound behaviour management processes and rich learning programs. 

The school has 17 teaching areas, including an  Early Childhood Unit, Music Room, Art Room, Computer Laboratory, Library Resource Centre, Science Laboratory,  Covered Assembly Area, Canteen and Dental Therapy Unit.  The buildings are surrounded by expansive grassed areas and a nature bushland setting.

The learning program consists of rich and varied learning experiences focussing on literacy and numeracy and the management of appropriate behaviour.


Attendance data has been considered as part of the school self assessment process and students and families categorised as being at risk are identified.  It is a challenge for us to alter the trend of 90.9% over the last three years to what it was in 2010 when it was equivalent to the state expectation.  What is worthy of note is the higher attendance of the Indigenous cohort as compared to the both like schools and the state attendance rate. 


Graduates from Swan View Primary School enrol in surrounding high schools.  Most students transition to Swan View Senior High School.  In 2013 there was an increase in the number attending Swan View Senior High school for specialised programs such as Engineering, Drama, and the Achieving Curriculum Excellence program (ACE).


The Index of Community and Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) is 91.4.  A slight increase over the past few years. Our students come from a wide range of social circumstances creating many challenges for the staff. Our parent/carer community is supportive of the school, and many of them volunteer time and support to the learning programs.


The school’s priorities are Literacy, Numeracy, Attendance and Behaviour Management.


Parent involvement in the school is encouraged through participation in classroom activities, the library program, sporting events, canteen roster, school council and P & C.

Margaret Dove